Manufacturer: Centurion
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Modafinil
Package: 200mg (10 pills)



Vilafinil is the best energy drink for those who need to improve their performance and remove drowsiness for a certain period of time, as well as increase the ability to memorize and analyze data. The drug improves the functioning of the brain, its cognitive functions. Accelerates the ability to make decisions.
Vilafinil is great for athletes.

Modafinil. Coined by the French in the seventies, the license purchased by Pindos in the ninetieth. It was used to improve the accuracy of carpet bombing, made by heroic aces from the overtaking and lack of sleep. And lack of sleep is real. Which is characteristic, acts. It is quite possible to go without sleep for up to four days, while doing mental work, while maintaining the adequacy, decent well-being and performance even higher than normal. Along with ritalin one of the strongest smart dredges is, according to Nature’s surveys, 10–20% of scientists. Has no special side effects, habituation or cancellation effect. May cause flaking of the skin and loss of roof in rare cases in children. Oh yeah – the urine will stink and give off green due to modafinilic acid, which is the main metabolite of the substance.

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