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Trenbolone acetate is the most popular member of the family of anabolic and androgenic steroids with the shortest period of action. Initially used by veterinarians to increase appetite and increase the weight of fed cattle.


Trenoprime in its properties and in fact is a modified form of nandrolone. It contains 19-nortestosterone (anabolic steroid 19-nor – derived from testosterone, deprived in the 19th position of the carbon atom). By double bonds in carbon 9 and 11, a slowing down of the hormone metabolism is provided, aromatization is inhibited and binding affinity in relation to the androgen receptor is enhanced. These insignificant, at first glance, features of the structure of trenbolone contributed to its transformation into the most powerful anabolic androgenic steroid. The binding capacity is four to five times higher than that of testosterone.

Trenoprime Dosage

Of all the varieties of trenbolone, it is trenbolone acetate that is recommended to those athletes who want to work with this drug. Ensuring the safety of the course, you should follow the recommended dosage of powerful trenbolone acetate – 50 mg per day. Starting the course, you should try the minimum dose to determine the nature of the individual effects. If negative reactions occur, the course will need to be interrupted.

The duration of the course, if you buy trenbolone acetate, is, in the absence of gonadotropin intake, five to six weeks. The maximum effectiveness of the course is observed when combined with a complex of sports nutrition and adherence to a special diet, which are designed to gain muscle.

The question of how to take trenbolone acetate with other drugs for combined courses, fans should not bother. Trenbolone acetate is usually administered every other day. Combination allowed for drying. In this case, it is decided where to prick intramuscularly trenbolone acetate in half the dose, combining it with Anavar or Winstrol.

Impact effect

When Trenoprime begins to work, dramatic changes occur:

  • with the passage of the eight-week course, muscle mass increases by ten kilograms;
  • strength indicators increase;
  • fat is burned, both under the direct influence of the drug, and as a result of the stimulation of the growth hormone secretion;
  • cortisol levels are reduced;
  • nitrogen is better retained by the body;
  • the number of red blood cells increases;
  • the level of insulin-like growth factor is tripled;
  • increases the effectiveness of nutrients.

The nature of the impact on libido and potency is unexplained. Maybe:

  • no effect;
  • increased potency and libido;
  • falling libido and potency.

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