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Substance: Liothyronine (T3)
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There are a large number of pharmacological substances used in bodybuilding. Often, these are hormones that have a direct effect on a person’s appearance. And if the question of sex hormones was disclosed earlier, then there was no talk about thyroid hormones (t3 and t4). In vain, as the thyroid coordinates the human metabolism. The metabolism and all other processes directly depend on it. Including the formation of individual sex hormones depends on the state of the thyroid gland. For example, if you have thyroid hypofunction traced, it forms an insufficient amount of hormones, there are enormous opportunities to acquire hyperprolactenemia (an increase in the degree of prolactin). And for the representatives of the stronger sex, this means trouble reducing sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, obesity.

On top of that, the thyroid gland is very easy to spoil or destroy completely senseless unconscious actions. Often the usual degree of thyroid hormones already at the end of their use, does not resume. For this reason, protect the thyroid gland.

T3-Max-100 for weight loss

If the T3-Max-100 coordinates the exchange of elements, then using TK hormones, I can speed up the metabolism – the attentive user will ask the question. Of course, it is. The more hormones t3 and t4, the faster the metabolism, the sooner you get rid of unwanted fat. The exchange of elements, in a similar way, develops to insane speed, when with a minimal lack of calories and an absolute lack of exercise, fat will simply be removed. Of course, the muscular mass in this situation will fall just as lightning. Therefore, the dosage must be selected personally. In a similar way, the thyroid gland exerts a direct effect on the metabolism and the fat content in the body. Often, due to the lack of T3 and T4, the society suffers for months with a diet, they work in the gym, and the fat leaves the body for a very long time.

Hearing something similar, young people lightly start looking for T3. But, before you start using T3-Max-100, you need to understand the following.

First of all, before using this substance, you should be aware of the position of your own thyroid gland. In modern days, any 4th can be traced dysfunction in its activities. And when the thyroid fails & ndash; Immediately proceed to therapy, but do not use exogenous hormones. Be sure to consult your doctor. </ P>
<p> Neglecting the recommendations will cause further complications. Dosing of the substance is personal, and it is possible to break the firewood if you approach this issue lightly.

Summing up the above: thyroid hormones should not be taken. Examine the degree of personal hormones, if you can see abnormalities, go in for therapy, at that time everything will be fine. By consuming triiodothyronine hormone and thyroxin (T4), you can permanently disable your thyroid gland. Then the procedure for removal and HRT for the rest of their lives.

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