Suspension 100


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone suspension
Package: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)


Dragon Pharma Suspension 100mg is an androgenic, water-based injectable, containing artificial testosterone. Due to the fact that the hormone is poorly soluble in water, it settles at the bottom, so the bottle is shaken before using the drug.


The main active ingredient of the drug is testosterone, while the consistency of the agent itself is not oily without an ether residue, therefore, the entire amount of the introduced hormone as an injection immediately goes into the blood.

The suspension of testosterone in the blood is 48 hours, and the effect of the drug is felt instantly. Injections are recommended daily so that the level of the hormone in the blood does not decrease. Initially, the drug was used exclusively in medicine to replenish the hormone in the body in older men, but later the remedy became popular among athletes, as it helps to increase stamina and the rapid burning of excess fat.

The drug is ideal for the first course of use instead of steroids, but with the manifestation of side effects suspension is canceled.

Athletes who are professionally involved in bodybuilding, use a suspension of testosterone in preparation for competitions during intense training, which allows them to give muscles elasticity, to conduct high-quality drying and remove excess water from the body.

The course of testosterone suspension gives the following positive effects:

  1. Burning excess fat.
  2. Acceleration of dry mass.
  3. Increased stamina.
  4. Rapid recovery of the body after intense workouts.
  5. Improves appetite.
  6. A positive effect on libido.
  7. Allows you to go all out in training and achieve maximum results.

Testosterone Suspension Rates:

  • For the first course of the drug should be taken according to the scheme: 50 mg of the suspension is administered as an injection for 6 weeks, this allows you to get a good growth of muscle mass and quickly burn excess fat.
  • The second course of taking the drug is carried out according to the following scheme: every day for 6 weeks an injection of a suspension of testosterone in a dosage of 50 mg together with 50 mg of oxandrolone is given. The result is excellent mating for simultaneous burning of subcutaneous fat and increasing mass.
  • Experienced athletes are advised to use the drug daily in the form of 100 mg injections, with 100 mg of masteron and 50 milligrams of trinabol taken every other day, and 400 mg of primobolan once a week. The course allows you to quickly gain dry weight.

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Despite the fact that the drug has almost no aromatization, it still greatly reduces the production of testosterone by the body, so after the course of injections, it is necessary to carry out PCT to restore it. For PCT use the drug tamoxifen 20 mg daily for 6 weeks, which allows you to fully restore the natural production of the hormone.

Side effects

As with any drug, the suspension has not only positive effects, but also side effects, expressed in:

  1. Minor aromatization;
  2. Headaches;
  3. Reducing the body’s own testosterone production;
  4. Increase pressure;
  5. May cause gynecomastia.

The drug is strictly prohibited to take people who have found:

  • Carcinoma;
  • Nephrite;
  • Nephrosis;
  • swelling;
  • Diabetes;
  • Hypercalcemia;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Heart, coronary insufficiency.

Testosterone suspension is also contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

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