Stanos 10


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)
Package: 10mg (100 pills)

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Stanos 10 from Pharmacom Labs

Stanozolol Pharmacom or Stanos 10 mg is one of the most sought after drugs based on this active ingredient. The products of this manufacturer enjoys a well-deserved reputation from domestic builders. All drugs Farmakom Labs differ excellent quality, which complements the low price Stanos.

Properties and effects Stanos 10

Stanozolol was created in the middle of the past century, like most steroids. At the same time, he was and remains one of the most sought-after AAS. At first, Stanozolol-based preparations were used in the preparation of racehorses, but then they came into medicine. The sportsmen, who continue to use it today, noticed the Stanos Stanozolol 10mg rather quickly.

The peculiarity of the drug is high efficiency and safety. Steroid can be useful for representatives of all sports. If in bodybuilding it is mainly used during the period of drying, weightlifters and lifters can significantly increase the power parameters. The drug will be useful for athletes, boxers, cyclists, etc. This is due to the fact that the drug helps to increase stamina.

One of the safest anabolic steroids today is Stanos 10, the side effects, which, when taken, are practically not manifested. Stanozolol is not susceptible to aromatization, has a minimal androgenic index, practically does not suppress the operation of the YGH axis. This suggests that the risks of the development of secondary courses on Stanos courses are minimal, but for a long time no one doubts its effectiveness. It should be noted that not only men can buy Stanos, but also athletes.


Stanozolol can also be used solo, but great results can be obtained from combined courses. When using STANOS 10mg solo, you can significantly improve the venous and muscular relief, as well as be able to gain about four kilos of qualitative mass.

Begin to use the drug with a dose of 10 milligrams daily, after which you can gradually bring it to 40-60 milligrams. The duration of the steroid cycle should be one and a half months. Also recommends that in the last seven days use a lower dosage, reducing it to 10 milligrams.

We have already said that the drug will be more effective with combined use. Very often, STANOS 10 is used in conjunction with oxandrolone. This is a great safe combination that can dramatically increase your strength score. To gain more quality mass compared to the solo cycle, use STANOS 10mg with testosterone or deck. If a drying cycle is necessary, then a combination with boldenone or metenolone would be an excellent option.

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