Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Mesterolone (Proviron)
Package: 25mg (100 pills)



Dragon Pharma Proviron is a synthetic, oral androgen with no anabolic properties. Active ingredient Mesterolone.

There is one problem faced by all athletes taking testosterone-based anabolic drugs. After all, in the human body, no matter how cool the bodybuilder is, everything is very clever, everything is interconnected. Testosterone production – the male sex hormone – in the testicles is regulated by a special part of the brain – the pituitary gland. It works on the principle of feedback. If there is a lot of testosterone in the blood, then the pituitary gland “understands” this and begins to work less actively. And when the male sex hormone is not enough – the pituitary is activated and increases its production.

Now imagine an athlete who takes a fairly substantial dose of a steroid for a long time.

A substance similar to testosterone regularly enters the blood. In addition, the body already has a certain amount of testosterone produced by the testes.

What happens to the pituitary gland in such a situation? He will “shut up” as he “sees” that there are already too many sex hormones.

The testicles do not receive signals from the pituitary gland, they stop producing the right amount of testosterone. And over time, they are completely reduced in size.

As long as a person takes a steroid, nothing terrible happens. But the course is over, and the function of the testicles is still not restored. Female sex hormones begin to dominate in the body with all the ensuing consequences: breast augmentation, excessive deposition of subcutaneous fat, etc.

To prevent this effect, there are special drugs. One of them is proviron.

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How does Proviron work in the body?

Proviron restores the body’s functions, impaired by reducing the production of its own testosterone. Moreover, unlike the steroids themselves, it does not affect the function of the pituitary and testicles on the basis of feedback. Main effects of mesterolone:

  • Increased potency. Decreased potency is one of the biggest and most tangible problems associated with a decrease in testosterone synthesis in the testicles.
  • Increased sexual desire. This function also depends on the male sex hormone.
  • Enhance fertility. Do not forget that testosterone has a significant impact on the quantity and quality of sperm.

However, if you expect that proviron will eliminate the phenomenon of recoil and return the muscle mass lost after exercise, then you are greatly mistaken. The drug has no effect on these functions. For this there are special tools. However, Proviron is able to somewhat prevent the phenomenon of recoil.

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