Npecia 5


Manufacturer: Sai Michael Biotech
Category: Hair Loss
Substance: Finasteride (Propecia)
Package: 5mg (50 pills)



Propecia is a drug for the effective treatment of baldness in men. Tablets for thick hair will allow you to forget about the sparse hair, improve your appearance and get rid of the complexes about their attractiveness.

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The product is available in the form of pink tablets, each of which contains 1 mg of the active ingredient – finasteride. Propecia is released without a prescription.

Action features

Npecia 5 acts on the male body as follows:

  • Suppression of dihydrotestosterone synthesis.
  • Restore hair follicles.
  • The growth of new hair.
  • Prevent the emergence of new foci of alopecia.
  • Results will be noticeable 3 months after application.
  • Propecia is used to treat and prevent alopecia in men caused by hormonal imbalances.


Generic Npecia 5 has the following advantages:

  • Low cost.
  • Guaranteed effect, the active growth of new hair and the prevention of new foci of baldness.
  • The drug can be taken young and older men.
  • Propecia goes well with other medicines.
  • The minimum number of contraindications and rare side effects.
  • Tablets are combined with a small amount of alcohol and fatty foods.
  • Propecia does not cause drug dependence.


To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to take the drug in accordance with the instructions:

  • The tool is taken one tablet per day, regardless of the meal.
  • Tablets washed down with water or juice.
  • It is advisable to take the medication at the same time.
  • The term of treatment is three months. If necessary, the course can be repeated.
  • The combination of the drug Propecia with alcohol does not reduce the effectiveness of tablets.

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