Megamentin 375


Manufacturer: Intas
Category: Skin
Substance: Augmentin
Package: 375mg (6 capsules)



Megamentin 375 is an original development of the famous company Intas and is a combination of amoxicillin – one of the best penicillin antibiotics and the most powerful of the known beta-lactamase inhibitors – clavulanic acid. The combination of these two components in Megamentin 375 leads to the appearance of special properties.

The drug implements the concept of “attacking, defending”: clavulanic acid irreversibly blocks β-lactamase of both pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, opening amoxicillin free way to attack infectious agents. Such properties have allowed the drug to show high clinical efficacy in many infections of various organs and systems, which does not change with time, as evidenced by more than 25 years of successful use worldwide. With the advent of Megamentin 375, the era of the Renaissance of penicillin antibiotics began. They are restored in their rights, and deservedly so.

The use of Megamentin 375 in clinical practice has a solid evidence base – after all, numerous clinical studies have been conducted for this original drug, confirming its effectiveness in the treatment of respiratory infections. The high clinical efficacy of AUGMENTINA in various infections has been proven in controlled studies involving tens of thousands of patients over 25 years. In total in the world today there are about 50,000 publications containing data on the successful application of Megamentin 375 in clinical practice, which makes it perhaps the most studied antibiotic in the world after penicillin. The sensitivity of microorganisms to Megamentin 375 over the decades of its successful application has not changed much, which is confirmed by the results of large-scale studies (Alexander Project, 1992-1996, and others). In particular, data from a large-scale international multicenter microbiological study, Alexander Project (the project is named for Alexander the Great, who probably died as a result of a respiratory tract infection) testifies to the high activity of AUGMENTIN and the sensitivity of microorganisms that cause inhospital respiratory infections to it. Another surprising property of the drug, which distinguishes it from other modern antimicrobial agents, was also revealed – despite the fact that the drug has been used since 1981, the sensitivity of microorganisms to AUGMENTIN has almost not changed.

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