Dianabol 20


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
Package: 20mg (100 pills)



Dianabol 20 mg from Dragon Pharma is an oral steroid of the anabolic type, which has already become a “classic” in the most powerful sports. The drug has a powerful effect on the processes of metabolism and assimilation of proteins, calcium, therefore, muscle tissues get “food” for growth and development more quickly.

We offer Dianabol 20 mg to be bought in the USA in the form of tablets – in the most popular and safe pharmacological form of anabolic. However, some companies produce steroids and in the form of injections, but the inclusion in the training regime of this form of Danabol requires the most careful calculation of the course and dosages, since the drug is toxic to the liver when used incorrectly.

Positive reception effect

Competent reception of the anabolic steroid Dianabol 20 is expressed by the following effects:

  • The rapid increase in quality muscle mass. In one course, an athlete can gain up to 15% of pure muscle, at the same time “pumping” the relief of the body;
  • Significant acceleration of the processes of assimilation and natural protein breakdown. This allows you to more quickly restore muscle tissue after shock workouts and heavy duty loads;
  • Significant increase in appetite. Increased training intensity causes a regular reaction – a regular feeling of hunger. This allows you to fully replenish stocks of beneficial substances for the body;
  • Positive effects on the skeletal system, joints, ligaments, which allows them to provide additional protection at maximum loads;
  • A marked increase in strength and endurance.


Despite the fairly extended range of benefits of the drug, Dianabol 20mg still receives reviews and several negative nature. As a rule, this is caused either by an improperly scheduled schedule, a dosage of the intake, or personal immunity to the steroid. Among the most frequent side effects – increased blood pressure, hair loss, acne.

Methods of administration and dosage

It was noted above that the calculation of an individual course requires a responsible and competent approach. Therefore, before ordering

Dianabol 20, you need to get advice from a trainer or an experienced pharmacologist. Standardized dosages of the drug are as follows:

For men, from 5 to 50 mg daily, the duration of the course is no more than 7-8 weeks, the regularity of daily intake is every 3-5 hours.
For women – up to 5 mg daily, the duration of the course – up to 6-7 weeks, the regularity of daily intake – every 3-5 hours.

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