Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Anastrozole
Package: 1mg (30 pills)



Do you want to lose excess body fat, be more beautiful, stronger, stronger? With Anazole Alpha Pharma it will be real! We present you a non-steroid drug of a new generation. It originally appeared on sale in the United States in 1980. For over 35 years, it has been successfully used by athletes in various countries of the world. Often, athletes use it to level a variety of undesirable effects that have arisen after using steroids. Many athletes are wondering where to buy anastrozole zhengou when, during the course, estradiol begins to roll through and unwanted side effects climb.

Anastrozole, the price of which is quite affordable for many athletes, is actively used to normalize the hormonal background of the body, for immediate prevention of gynecomastia, in order to avoid the process of aromatization and the most rapid reduction of estrogen.

Also Anazole 30tab 1mg, which you can buy today already, contributes to:

  • increased fat burning;
  • recovery processes;
  • increase the quality of relief (the effect is water retention);
  • preservation of gained muscle mass after rejection of anabolic drugs.

How to take Anastrozole with PCT?

Initially, it should be noted: do not delay with aromatase inhibitors during the course and wait for your gynecomastia to develop. If you have preferred short esters, then after 10 days from the start of the course, you need to pass an analysis for estradiol. Often, it is based on its results and it is recommended to take Anazole Alpha Pharma  on PCT – 0.5 µg alternating every other day to avoid gynecomastia. In the case of the use of long esters, the use of Anazole Alpha Pharma requires an analysis of estradiol again. Doses can be adjusted depending on the test result.

Use Anazole 1mg Alpha Pharma, the price of which is very low, more than two weeks is undesirable. If you experience side effects such as increased blood pressure, pain in the joints, headaches, depression, decreased libido, drowsiness, changes in mood, the rate needs to be reduced.

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