Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)
Package: 20mg (50 pills)



Altamofen-20 is a non-steroidal agent that has demonstrated potent anti-estrogenic properties in animal test systems. This anti-estrogenic effect may be due to its ability to compete with estrogen for binding sites in tissues, such as breast cancer. Tamoxifen inhibits the induction of rat mammary carcinoma induced by dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA) and causes regression of already established DMBA-induced tumors.

In cytosols derived from human breast adenocarcinoma, tamoxifen competes with estradiol for the estrogen receptor protein. USAGE AND DOSES: With a dose of 20–40 mg / day for 1–5 years +. Twenty-five percent of patients received 1 year or less of trial treatment, 52% received 2 years, and 23% received about 5 years.

Pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action – anti-estrogenic, antitumor.

Clinical Pharmacology

Rapidly absorbed, for 4-7 hours creates a maximum concentration in the blood. Equilibrium concentration (300 ng / mg) is achieved with a daily dose of 40 mg for 4 weeks. 99% bound to albumin. Metabolized, excreted with feces, the elimination half-life for tamoxifen is 7 days, X-desmethyltamoxifen (the main metabolite) is 14 days.

Indications drug Nolvadex

Mammary cancer.

Side effects

Hot flashes, vaginal bleeding, endometrial hyperplasia, vulvar itching, dyspeptic disorders, dizziness, water retention in the body, hypercalcemia, thrombocytopenia, alopecia, uterine fibroids, leukopenia, thromboembolism.

Altamofen Uses in Bodybuilding

When utilized in bodybuilding, Altamofen can provide several purposes for its user. One of these is that Altamofen can help reduce cortisol in the body by restricting its production. Cortisol is a hormone that is released by the adrenal glands when there is an increase in the body’s stress level, and it has many effects on how a person feels, including increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Altamofen can also help any person recover from mental fatigue or cognitive issues related to stress. As with cortisol, the level of Altamofen in the body will regulate how a person feels, and it can help address chronic fatigue and pain. In fact, this drug is often used to treat these issues by helping a person to feel more energized and less stressed out after usage.

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